Contract Consulting, Networking & Computer Services  - The ideal plan for small business that can't afford fulltime help -All the advantages of in-house computer personnel, at a fraction of the cost.
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Problem Solvers Group, Inc.
Web design, web hosting, networking, consulting, contract services, computer repairs and upgrades
Saint Petersburg, Florida  33709

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  Contract Consulting, Networking & Computer Services - All the advantages of in-house computer personnel, at a fraction of the cost.            

Rates will vary by type of service, unless under contract (best buy!)  Call or email for details.

Network Services

bulletNovell, NT, Win 2003, Back Office
bullet Contract Network Services
bulletDesign and implementation
bulletAdministration & Maintenance
bulletO/S Service and Support
bulletPerformance Analysis
bulletBackup and Disaster Recovery
bulletHardware Service and Support
bulletAS/400 connectivity
bulletCommunications / Fax / CD servers
bulletCabling services & Testing
bulletEmail, Web, FTP Servers
bulletDSL / Cable Internet setup & sharing
bulletWireless Networking & Internet
bulletHardware/Software Firewall
bulletData Security, Virus Protection
bulletInternet Database Connectivity

Questions?  Feel free to email or fill out this form, we'll respond promptly.

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